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Why are we the best…?

Unique ideas

Using the most modern recruitment and selection techniques we work with a stable recruiting background

Instant candidate selection pool

We can search quickly and efficiently in an employee database of thousands of potential candidates

Quick reaction time

We fulfill all of our customers’ labor needs in accordance with their expected deadlines

Quality Assurance

With the help of our coordinators our offices operating in several parts of the country are able to not only find, but also retain the employees provided to our clients

About us

Alfa Works Group

With many years of international experience, Alfa Works Group offers solutions for small, medium and large companies in the search, in their quest to select and retain employees who meet their needs

The essence of our business policy is to meet all of our customers’ workforce needs in accordance with their expectations, quickly and efficiently, with reliable employees.

The number of our employees constantly increases day by day; we have an employee database of thousands of potential candidates.

They Chose US and They Still Choose US

GraNa Kft.

They Chose US and They Still Choose US


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8000, Székesfehérvár Gyümölcs utca 4-6


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What we have achieved

Stable operations that have spanned over years

Building a national office network

Tha launching of cross-border recruitment

A database of thousands of potential candidates

A constant increase in our workforce

A qualified outsourcer license

The securing workers from Asia

Many delighted Partners

Quality policy

ISO 9001:2015




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